DinkumPokies Casino

Dinkum Pokies Casino

Dinkum Pokies is a casino dedicated to the Australian players although players from all over the world may try out the casino and games, it is the pokies and other games geared to the Australian player that really make this a true Aussie casino. New players to the casino are welcomed with a generous offer that matches the first three deposits made and in addition the player also receives 60 free spins. The first deposit is matched 200% to the value of $500, the second deposit is matched 200% to the value of $200 and the player receives 30 free spins and the third deposit is matched 200% to the value of $150 and the player receives 30 free spins. This gives a total of $1500 in welcome bonuses in addition to the 60 free spins. And this is just a taste of what players receive at the casino with a special offer for each day of the week that ranges from the Beat the Monday blues match up offer to the Weekend showdown. A loyalty club welcomes players from the first deposit they make and the more the player invests in the casino the more benefits he receives from the loyalty club in addition to the points that can be swapped for real money to use at the casino. Every transaction is secure and fully encrypted at the casino giving the player direct deposits with credit and debit cards and through wire transfers. Players have full time customer service and support at all times of the day and night through a live chat option or by sending an email or calling a toll free phone number. The Dinkum Pokies casino is accessed instantly with no need to download the casino or games and there is also a mobile version for players to enjoy at all times.

Download not Necessary with the Dinkum Pokies Casino

The Dinkum Pokies Casino is what is known as a flash instant casino. Players do not have to waste time downloading the casino or games, it is accessed and played directly from the web browser of the casino. And in addition to this direct access, players can access the casino from any computer or laptop, something that enables players from all over the country to enjoy the casino wherever they may be. All of teh games and functions of the casino load instantly giving the player more time to enjoy every aspect of the online casino.

Mobile Casino Fun Offered at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

Australia is a vast country and being that this casino is geared for Australian players, they can also enjoy the casino on a mobile platform. The mobile casino is accessed from the web browser of the mobile device, whether using an Android or an Apple device. Players load the casino and can use their same user name and password from the online casino or they join the mobile casino as a new player. As a new mobile casino player, the same generous welcome offer matching bonuses up to $1500 is awarded in addition to the special promotions for every day of the week. The mobile casino support is offered through the live chat and players can also send funds to the casino securely and easily in the same way as online with credit and debit cards or by direct bank transfer.

Sign Up and Login at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

The Dinkum Pokies casino is easy to register for and complete sign up. It does require that players confirm their age through an age verification process and once this is complete the player is able to start playing the casino games and enjoying the generous promotions that are given for every day of the week. The player should choose a sign-up name and password that he will remember easily and he is able to use this at any computer or laptop or on his mobile devices.

Canada Players Welcome at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

Dinkum Pokies Casino may be a casino geared for Australian players, but it does not stop players from all over the world joining as long as they can access the casino online. Deposits are made in Australian dollars, so players will need to convert their funds in order to make deposits in the local Australian dollar.

Australia Players in Their Element at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

Everything about the casino is Australian, even down to the hat that the photo of customer service represents. Australian players feel totally at home at this casino with the wide choice of casino games and especially the pokies that are geared for the Australian players. There are three reel and five reel pokies and pokies with progressive jackpots to choose from and with each game, the player can enjoy a practice version before placing real money bets.

New Zealand Made Welcome and Feel at Home at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

Just like the Australian players, New Zealand players like to play pokies and do not really understand what slots are. Australia and New Zealand may be two different vast countries but there are many similarities between the countries and these lead to mutual respect and also mutual leisure activities such as the total enjoyment of the Dinkum Pokies Casino and all that it offers with deposits made in Australian dollars.

USA Players Try Something New at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

Many Americans have never left America let alone the state they live in but thanks to casinos like Dinkum Pokies Casino, American players can receive a taste of another culture. The American player can enjoy all of the games offered at the Dinkum Pokies Casino, once he understands that pokies are slots, and he will have to convert his USD to Australian dollars in order to place real money bets. The customer support is international and this can be reached online with the live chat option.

Casino Tournaments Soon to Be Introduced at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

At present the tournaments are few and far to be found at the casino but soon there will be a tournament schedule offer daily, weekly and monthly tournaments where players can enjoy a selection of pokies and other games at a lower cost that regular betting. The tournaments offer either the sum of the entry fees, known as the pot or a sum given by the casino. Some tournaments run for just one day or round and others run over a few weeks giving the player a chance to see his name up in lights on a leader board.

Practice Casino Games Benefit All Players at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

Practice casino games at the Dinkum Pokies Casino gives players a chance to try out the casino games in advance of placing real money bets. This is especially good for players that do not understand the games or do not have a lot of experience and with games such as roulette and blackjack it gives the player a chance to understand how the games work and how to place bets efficiently and the best decisions to make when playing the games. The casino gives players limitless funds to try out the games until they are ready to place real money bets.

No Deposit Casino Codes To Realize Special Offers

Every day of the week, the Dinkum Pokies Casino gives away special bonuses and promotions. Some of these promotions are match up bonus offers, some are free spins, and some are no deposit bonuses. A no deposit bonus is one that gives players free cash to use at the casino with no conditions. In order to receive the no deposit bonus, the player must first enter the no deposit bonus code.

App Can be Used to Access the Mobile Casino

The mobile casino version of Dinkum Pokies can be accessed online through a mobile web browser or the player can use an app to download the casino and always have it ready on his phone. By using the app, the player can actually save his personal details with a password or fingerprint code and does not have to keep entering details every time he wants to play. The app is a much more convenient and definitely practical way of enjoying the mobile casino.

Welcome Bonus Offer at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

New players at the mobile and the online casino are welcomed with an outstanding offer that matches deposits made and also gives the player free spins. In total the player receives 60 free spins and match up offers that reach $1500. The first deposit is matched 200% to the value of $500, the second deposit is matched 100% to the value of $200 and the player receives 30 free spins and the third deposit is matched 200% to the value of $150 and the player receives a further 30 free spins.

Free Spins and Other Offers at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

Free spins are given to players that join the casino on their second and third deposit and this is just a start of the many offers that players receive. In fact there is a bonus offer for every day of the week and every week of the year. Players automatically join the rewards club that has four levels and receive comp points for every deposit made. In addition, there are numerous special offers and match up bonus offers including free spins that are given at every stage of play. The promotions section of the casino is where the player can find all the details of the special offers and promotions and how to use them.

New Slots Introduced Regularly at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

At the Dinkum Pokies Casino, slots are actually called pokies. The pokies are played in the same way as slots and are in fact the same in every way. From time to time new pokies are added keeping the player excited and involved in the casino and filled with anticipation every day.

5 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots

Popular Slots for Every Player at the Dinkum Pokies Casino

Popular slots are really a personal matter, but the casino does feature different games from month to month. Sometimes the featured games including many pokies also offer special bonuses and extra free spins making them even more popular to play. Whether interested in fantasy, animals, futuristic or current affairs, the player will be able to find a game to play.

Bitcoin Payments Not Yet Offered at Dinkum Pokies Casino

Bitcoin Payments are not yet offered at the Dinkum Pokies casino but there are other secure methods for sending funds to the casino. Players can send funds with a direct bank transfer or through their credit or debit cards. Each and every transaction at the casino is 100% secure and fully encrypted ensuring the full security of the money transferred and the personal details of the player, leaving him free to enjoy and make the most of the Dinkum Pokies Casino.